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Born 1954 in Zagreb, Croatia. I have interest in many areas: photography, art and beauty in general, architecture, ancient and today's civilizations, music, film art, human mind, literature, travelling, languages, electrical and computer engineering. Speaking English and French, some German, Italian, and Spanish. Enjoying swimming, biking, walking and spending time with nice people.


Programming profile

Talking of programming, I have made several scientific data evaluation programs used in quenching experiments for certain German and USA companies, and also a large number of other applications. I program in Delphi - Borland Pascal for Windows. I also made some freeware programs (see below).
The other of my programming associates use Java, PHP, C++ Builder, Visual C++, C, C++, PC Assembler, Assembler and C for micro-controllers (8051, Atmel etc.), PLC programming, Oracle databases, Intranets, etc. We are familiar with Windows and Unix environments including networking, Internet programming and Web applications connected to (large) databases.

Some pictures

See my big photo album, or some of my older photographic works, or some older pictures of island Rab.


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Some art

Beauty in words (poetry in Croatian language)


Some friends..

Leonardo Jelenkovic (Unibis)
a really great programmer for anything from assembler to Oracle databases.

A poetry and stories writer friend Sonja Smolec .